Papua Cinnamon Coffee.

Best value! A full pound of our pure Papua Whole bean, Drip/French press, or espresso grind. Available in Light, Medium, Med-Dark and Dark roast.

Papua Cinnamon Coffee.

Armenian Coffee: Papua coffee beans ground ultra-fine for the perfect cup. For preparation instructions please see coffee guide or the brewing video below.

Papua Peaberry Coffee.

Peaberry: rare beans that occur when only one bean is fertilized in the cherry which yields more potent anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties with a subtle yet distinct flavor.

Papua Cinnamon Coffee.

Cinnamon: contains calcium, iron and vitamin C, has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and pain-relieving properties.

Papua Cardamom Coffee.

Cardamom: contains powerful essential oils that help relieve indigestion, improve circulation, and promote feelings of well-being, also known to stimulate libido.

Papua Ginger Coffee.

Ginger: contains healthy essential oils that help alleviate effects of jet lag, hangover, indigestion, and improves mental alertness.

Papua Vanilla Coffee.

Vanilla: contains B vitamins and trace minerals, helps boost the immune system, is a natural anti-carcinogen, and mood-elevator.

Video: Preparing Armenian Coffee
Preparing French Press Coffee.

In this video Christina shows how to brew the perfect cup of Papua coffee using traditional Armenian methods.

Video: Preparing French Press Coffee
Preparing French Press Coffee.

Christina Demonstrates the optimal method of pressing the perfect cup of Papua using French Press.

Beauty Bites with Christina Avaness
Preparing French Press Coffee.

In this video Christina shares more on the benefits of Papua Coffee.